Yhyakh is an ancient holiday of the Sakha

That up to these days reunites people in one space to reinforce connection between generations and ancestors by honoring customs and traditions

Celebrating Yhyakh is one of the main ways of preserving the national identity of the Sakha and manifesting national self-determination
Observance of the basic canons of Yhyakh
Creating a Safe space
Concern for the environment
Socio-cultural enrichment
Openness and kindness
Sobriety and healthy lifestyle

Event features


Yhyakh holds the great spiritual wealth of the Sakha people and preserves their ethnic specificity. The celebraion begins with the ceremony of Algys blessing and culminates with the Ohuokhai, a round dance symbolizing unity of people


The Sakha and Kazakhs share a great many similarities in cultural values and languages which is indicative of their common Turkic origin. That is why the first Sakha-Kazakh ethno-festival will be organized in Almaty for mutual cultural enrichment and strengthening of the century-old friendship between the two peoples


Throughout history the Sakha people have always shown a great interest in competitive sports as a means of demonstrating the strength and agility of the nation


— On&On
— Vazeqq
— Pyro

— Zakkarochi

— Boston

The program of the event

Event map

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Almaty city


By buying a ticket you are not just getting a pass to the event, you are making the event possible and contributing to the unity of our nations on the Kazakh land. Let's share our joy and honor our culture and ancestors together

All proceeds from the sale of tickets and sponsorships are used to cover the costs of organizing the event

  • From May 13 - 4 000 ₸
  • On the day of the event - 5 000 ₸
  • Free for children
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Organizers and sponsors
The event is organized pro bono by activists living in Almaty and with the support of compassionate entrepreneurs
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